Private yoga classes are available
upon request. Please contact Anne Hubbard for more details.

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Happy Sol Harrison Arkansas Yoga Studio

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905 North Main Street, Harrison, AR 72601

  Tips for Your First Class

The three basic must-haves are: yoga mat, towel, and water. You can also bring a change of clothing, so you don't leave the studio wearing your sweaty workout gear. Most of all, bring an open mind and a readiness to learn.

  • Drink plenty of water prior to attending class. At least 1 – 2L throughout the day.
  • If you ever feel nauseous, dizzy, or tired during class, simply lie down on your mat.
  • Don’t eat 2 – 3 hours before class to prevent nausea.
  • Respect those with allergies/sensitivities and don’t wear perfumed/scented products to class, as the heat and humidity will intensify the scent.
  • Be silent in the practice room. This is a great time to meditate before class.
  • Relax, breathe deeply, and most of all, have a great class!

    What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for large range of movement in arms and legs.


In order to get the most out of your classes at Happy Sol, we would appreciate if all students adhere to the following studio policies:

  • Please arrive to class at least 10-15 minutes early. The studio is open 30 minutes before and 20 minutes after each class.
  • Please remain inside the yoga room and refrain from conversation with others.
  • Gum is not allowed during class.
  • Bring only your mat, towel and water into the yoga room.
  • Please do not have personal items and mobile phones with you during class.